Seth Barnard, Owner, Solid Ground Landscape, Inc.

Seth Barnard



Seth Barnard started his career in landscape maintenance before he could even drive. He began by pushing his lawnmower down the street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and continued in the landscape profession as he worked his way through college. Seth graduated from Lewis and Clark in 1999 and moved to Ashland, Oregon shortly after that.

Upon moving to Ashland, Seth started a business with installation only services. He continued to grow this company for five years before selling his interest to a business partner. Solid Ground was born in the Fall of 2003 with the intention to concentrate on premium customer service while refocusing on the quality of landscape products and services. The process, the client experience and the quality of product are all key aspects of every project at Solid Ground Landscape, Inc.

James Day, Owner, Project Manager, Solid Ground Landscape, Inc.

James Day



James Day brings a wealth of professional landscaping knowledge to Solid Ground with experience gained in Colorado and Oregon. While in Colorado, James owned and operated a landscape design and installation company that performed residential and commercial work. When James moved to Oregon, he became the general manager of a nursery that also performed landscape installation and maintenance. After six years with this business, James joined Solid Ground in order to refocus on top quality services and products.

2009 marks the 20th year of experience in the landscape industry. His experience includes a BA in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Master Gardner certification and most recently a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) from the Irrigation Association. Having a CLIA on staff at Solid Ground has allowed us to become partners in the EPA's Water Sense program. James is responsible for the scheduling, coordinating and providing quality control of our projects. Working with our clients, architects, suppliers and staff James helps to create not only a beautiful finished product but an enjoyable process as well.


Peter Gustafson, Project Manager, Installation Foreman, Solid Ground Landscape, Inc.

Peter Gustafson



With 25 years of hands-on experience in the custom residential landscape design and construction industry and his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from U.C. Berkeley, Peter joined the Solid Ground team as Client Services Manager in 2009. He is currently Project Manager and Foreman for Solid Ground’s mid-sized construction/installation projects, complementing the work of the primary construction teams and the fast-turnaround project team.

Peter’s passion for design and innate love and connection to life through the landscape are exemplified in all he does for Solid Ground Landscape. Whether it’s managing/participating in custom landscape maintenance for our existing client base, interacting with clients to assist in the realization of their landscape dreams and expectations, or designing and building on site as a Solid Ground crew member, Peter's focus on quality, beauty, and integrity in all that he does are a vital part of the Solid Ground vision of service to our family of customers.

Eduardo Hernandez, Construction Foreman, Solid Ground Landscape, Inc.

Eduardo Hernandez

Construction Foreman

One of the company’s earliest employees, Eddie joined Solid Ground in 2007, shortly after moving to Oregon from Indiana where he had spent years in the home framing and construction industry.

He immediately demonstrated his natural affinity for boulder work and water features, both of which he loves to build as part of the total landscape. As one of Solid Ground’s construction foremen, his expertise is put to use on virtually all of the major projects involving these features. His passion is for building landscapes people love to look at and call home. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife and children.


Matthew Dedrick, Construction Foreman, Solid Ground Landscape, Inc.

Matthew Dedrick

Construction Foreman

Matt joined Solid Ground in March 2012 as an irrigation specialist and currently runs one of the primary construction crews. As a native Ashlander, Matt studied construction management at SOU and RCC. Prior to joining Solid Ground, Matt ran a series of commercial and government landscape installations throughout the states as Foreman for Teufel Landscape, Operations Manager for local water proofer Pro-Kote, Foreman for Hillcrest/Canyoncrest Landscape, and Carpenter for Bemis Development. This past employment and his years with Solid Ground have given Matt invaluable experience in all aspects of general landscape construction and installation. 

Jennifer Loizeaux, Nursery Manager, Solid Ground Landscape, Inc.

Jennifer Loizeaux

Nursery Manager

Jennifer’s experience in the horticulture trade began when she was a teenager, working in a small houseplant nursery. Over the years, she has worked for many garden centers, the California Department of Agriculture, and private landscape maintenance companies. Since moving to Ashland in 1989, Ashland Greenhouses enjoyed two decades of her experience.  Her positions there included retail manager and assistant grower.  Jennifer brings a passion for horticulture to Solid Ground Landscape, allowing the company to expand into a fuller range of exciting plant offerings for protected gardens, while striving to provide diverse deer resistant plants for exposed gardens.  Jennifer is proud to be part of a team of landscape professionals committed to offering their very best.


Jaclyn Dierking, Office Manager, Solid Ground Landscape, Inc.

Jaclyn Dierking

Office Manager


Jaclyn joined Solid Ground in early 2018. When the company opened its Talent office in October 2018, she stepped in with her organizational skills and enthusiasm, looking forward to years of growing with the company.  Jaclyn relocated to Southern Oregon in 2013 in pursuit of a lifestyle filled with nature and tranquility.  Her eclectic background provides her with 20 years of customer service experience and over 10 years in management.  Her passion for art, design and photography led her to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Art History from UC Riverside in 2008. Since moving to Oregon, she has worked in two nurseries and performed landscape maintenance for various private accounts which have allowed her to expand her passion and interest in plants.  Joining the Solid Ground team, Jaclyn brings a variety of skills that go beyond office management, striving for the highest quality in her endeavors.